AB Access Scaffolding Ltd.

Has established itself as a leading contract scaffolding and temporary works provider.

What We Do


With the constant need for residential applications be it new builds, maintenance, retro-fit or extensions, AB Access Scaffolding currently cater for over 3000 scaffolding units in the Private, Social, Commercial and Retro-Fit sectors. Our selection of traditional ‘Tube & Fitting’, ‘Wedge’ and/or ‘Cup’ type scaffolding allows us to provide a tailored solutions for all our clients.


Due to our long-standing trusted relationships with clients we have a number of commercial sites on-going at any instance. Providing be-spoke scaffolding solutions including guard-railing, Stair Access Towers, Loading Gantries, Temporary Roof Structures, Weather Proofing or 3rd Party Inspections, our team of professional on-site foremen and operatives are backed-up by our in-house design and administration teams.


With a number of industrial sites accounting for operations with safety sensitive materials (hazardous and/or flammable), or within large production and live plant environments, Our attention to detail through our safety, design and audit teams, on-site representatives, and assisted by our office staff, has allowed us to capture and maintain a number of high profile clients and industrial sites such as IDL Midelton and Gilead Carrigtwohill.


Heritage/Restoration projects are often reserved for specialist contractors and who better to assit the client in their access needs than AB Access Scaffolding. We pride ourselves in such be-spoke works, where our professionalism in the high profile, historic works means we are continually called upon by our clients.

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ab access photo scaffolding around castle

If you would like to discuss a project
call – (086) 174 8534 or email us

AB Access Scaffolding are a Cork-based company at the forefront of delivering scaffolding services to the Industrial, Commercial, Heritage/Restoration and Residential sectors, along with bespoke solutions upon request.

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Current Projects

AB Access Scaffolding Ltd operates in the Industrial, Commercial, Heritage/Restoration and Residential sectors.

AB Access Scaffolding Current Projects - Residential/Retro Fit


AB Access Scaffolding Current Projects - Commercial Heritage


AB Access Scaffolding Current Projects - Industrial


AB Access Scaffolding Current Projects - Heritage


Our Products

System Scaffolding, Traditional ‘Tube & Fitting’, Mobile Towers, Crowd Barriers, Rubbish Chutes, Temporary Roofs, Specialist Suppliers, we both stock and source a large array of access solutions and products.

The two main system scaffolding solutions that AB Access Scaffolding work with are the Wedge Lock Type & Cup type scaffold systems. The Wedge Lock type system is most commonly referred to as ‘KwikStage’ within the Industry, with the Cup Type locking system being provided by a number of suppliers such as ‘Turnlok’ & ‘Cuplok’.

The Cup system comes in a galvanised finished and is often a preferred solution for those in the Industrial sectors especially Pharmaceutical and clean room environments.

For further enquiries please contact us at info@abaccess.ie

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Health & Safety

The Health & Safety performance of any company is a corner stone of any company’s core values and success. At AB Access Scaffolding we not only agree with this previous statement but promote it to our staff. Health & Safety is more than just an objective, it is a priority.

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Scaffold Design

Scaffold design is an integral part of any construction project that requires temporary works. As outlined within the Code of Practice all temporary work installations outside the scope of manufacturers standard applications require the input of a suitable temporary works designer.

Designers can liaise with the PSDP, PSCS and other designers and installers to outline a safe, workable temporary works solution and subsequent approval via the PSDP/PSCS prior to commencement of on-site installation. The coordination between the temporary and permanent works designers is required in order to provide a safe scaffold solution.

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