Scaffold Design

Scaffold Design

Scaffold design is an integral part of any construction project that requires temporary works.

Scaffold Design
Quite often scaffolding is one of the first items that a construction site requires, but is often one of the last things to be thought about and accounted for both physically and commercially. For many years a scaffold contractor could be appointed with a scaffold brief being outlined and without any consideration to potential scaffold design requirements outside the scope of standard manufacturer instructions/recommendations.

Health & Safety are of the upmost importance in all aspects of day to day life, which in turn means the effective planning, outlining and application of safe, robust and compliant scaffolding installations is essential. Frequently scaffold design is an after thought and as a result temporary works are attempted to be rushed through with delays in the signing off process thereafter.

It is as a result of these delays and lack of forward planning that AB Access Scaffolding promote the inclusion of the inhouse design team for all projects. The ability to pre-plan and design safe efficient scaffolding solutions can save time and resources. Inefficient installation time and materials used, future amendments required and the rushed erection of scaffolds can lead to knock on delays where project schedules are restricted at the best of times.

AB Access Scaffolding allows for our clients to access design facilities from the beginning of any project. The full suite of facilities under the one company thus provides for a timely, fluid transition from the design phase through to the on-site erection and possible future alterations as a project progresses.

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The use of the AB Access Scaffolding Design Team at an early stage of a project allows us to maintain the professional standards & client expectations that we pride ourselves on.

What is Scaffold Design
Scaffold design is an integral part of any construction project that requires temporary works. As outlined within the Code of Practice all temporary work installations outside the scope of manufacturers standard applications require the input of a suitable temporary works designer.

Designers can liaise with the PSDP, PSCS and other designers and installers to outline a safe, workable temporary works solution and subsequent approval via the PSDP/PSCS prior to commencement of on-site installation.

The coordination between the temporary and permanent works designers is required in order to provide a safe scaffold solution and often a scaffold scope of works is essential in order to allow temporary works designers to outline a feasible scaffold design package.

The appointment of a Temporary Works Coordinator (TWC) allows for the various temporary (and permanent) interfaces on a project to be integrated and managed appropriately. Temporary works designers must work within their remit in accordance with industry regulations, regulations that in turn clearly state that it is the responsibility of the principal contractor to ensure the ground and/or structure being used for support conditions will safely support the imposed scaffolding loadings.

The use of a qualified temporary works designer is thus essential in the outlining of appropriate imposed loading conditions from a scaffold and the indication of any supplementary temporary design stabilization works that may be necessary. The use of the AB Access Scaffolding Design Team in such processes at an early stage allows us to maintain the professional standards and client expectations that we pride ourselves on and conduct our business in a timely efficient manner.

AB Access Scaffolding are available for your project from tender stage. We also provide design assistance for external scaffold companies and should this be of interest to you then you can contact our office for further information at

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